Today I had some kids over to decorate sugar cookies and make homemade ice cream.  We had a really fun time and the results were good.

I got to thinking about how easy it is to make kids happy.  I made the cookies before they were scheduled to come to my house and then I put out the sprinkles and other decorations and made the icing for the cookies.  I showed them how to  decorate after I applied the icing and we got started.

I had made certain that each one had the exact same cookies, the same number of snowflakes, mittens and snowmen.  But after that I told them they could decorate in any way this wished.  Since I have done this with lots of kids at the church I felt confident it would turn out well.

The kids got into the decorating and had fun.  A couple of time they told me they were going to take a break and then they would dart off and play with the toys I have in my house.  This worked well for me as I could do some cleaning up and get things ready for the next thing we planned to do.

We made the ice cream first and then worked on the cookies.  Iti doesn’t take much to make kids happy.  I am pretty sure they had no idea how the afternoon was going to go, but they got right into the swing of things and followed directions and had a great time.

I had a good time too and it was fun for all of us.  I wish more people could spend some simple time togehter with kids doing something simple like decorating cookies.  This is a time when kids are at their best and they give you great memories for the days ahead.

God bless you as you find ways to make good memories with kids you know.


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