It’s funny how you find things you need.  The woman who works with me for Good New Kids found the cutest snowman made from a man’s white sock and rice.  She watched a video on You Tube and brought all the stuff we needed and the snowmen turned out really well.  The kids seemed to enjoy making them and no one had a very hard time with the directions.  Of course they required some adult help, but that was OK since we were there to give it.  We also had a teenager which was helpful too.

I had looked up ideas for today’s craft on the Internet and found one that would work, but her idea was so much better.

I did find one for making bird feeders from graham crackers and peanutbutter.  Of course that won’t work because of allergies in the next group of kids that come in.  One of them can’t even smell peanutbutter.  But we are going to compromise and use nutella.  She is not allergic to hazelnut so that should work perfectly.  The birdhouses are really cute and should be fun to make.  I think the only part that will require help from the adults is the gluing of the graham crackers together.

The Internet is truly a wealth of information and once you have some idea of how to search you can find almost anything you really need.  I have experienced this again and again, yet it continues to amaze me.  I guess that is my age showing.

Every time I come up with some information or a new idea from the Internet I am thankful because it would take a lot of looking in books and even then I might never get the answer I need.

I think I am going to research ideas for my first party this month–a thanksgiving party, saying thank  you.

Have fun with your researching and God bless you.



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