I have been trying to get a VISA for a trip to Brazil.  I sponsored a Leadership Development student through Compassion which means I helped her through college.  She is graduating and I want to attend her graduation ceremony and meet her in person.

I already have a Passport thanks to trips to Germany to see Nancy when Mark was stationed there, but you need a VISA to travel to Brazil and it is not easy to get one.  I guess I should say it is not hard, but it takes so many steps and there are so many forms to fill out and then there is the fact that Alaska is under San Francisco which requires 9 weeks and I don’t have enough time and the big upshot is that I ended up having to pay a lot more than I was expecting to pay.  Golly, what a lot of work it was, but then anything worth doing usually involves work.

I thought I had it totally together this morning and all I needed to do was send it via UPS.  I talked them out of FED Ex since it does not deliver to Cordova, but even after I thought I was well on the way, the label would not print and ultimately I had to talk to the IT guy at UPS before I could make it work.  It just was not simple.

I am beginning to think that much of our modern day life is like that.  We have several programs to make grading and gathering papers from kids at school easy, but the programs do not always work consistently and then there is the difference between Macs and PCs and before you know it you are stuck and waiting for help.  The one good thing about it is that it helps develop patience in me.

Needless to say, I am learning a lot about technology and also about patience.

In one of my devotions this morning I was reminded to Trust and that is my plan.  I keep imagining God whispering Trust me in my ear.

God bless you as you too trust Him.



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