I confess to not being a huge sports fan and if I had to choose, baseball would be my favorite.  Also, we do not play baseball in Cordova.  There is too much mud on the field most of the time.  But we do play basketball.  My husband told me it rivaled basketball in Indiana where he was a high school student.

At any rate, we are playing in a big tournament that we host every year.  Tonight’s girl’s game was a thriller.  It was close for almost all of the game and at the last few minutes Cordova was ahead by 3 points.  Well, you guessed it, the other team got the ball, ran down the court and scored a threepointer. The game was tied and Cordova got the ball with 2 minutes remaining.  They ran down the court and put the ball up and it failed to go in.  They got the rebound and two more times it didn’t go in.  Another girl got the ball and put it up and it swished as the final buzzer sounded.  Cordova won the game by two points.  Of course the stands erupted and it was wild for a few minutes.

Even thouigh I am not a big sports fan, it was exciting and the girls were ecstatic which was natural.

The cheerleaders hold up a star covered with paper which has been painted with a few words.  Lots of younger kids line the sides of the star before the basketball players burst through.  They waited until the girls joined the lines before they popped out which was kind of nice on the part of the boys.

The boys game was not exciting and they pulled away from the opposing team with little effort and thankfully the coach put in everyone on the bench in the first half which is nice.  They don’t always do that, but I was glad to see all of the boys get a chance to play.

I was surprised by the girls’ win.  They have been struggling.

I pray that others will have a bit of a blessing as they go through life and that they will realize where the blessing came from.

God bless you.


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