Sometimes you hear stories that are simply amazing and you know the person had to be blessed of God.  A friend told me about losing her hearing aid in a really rocky, gravely.  Naturally, she searched and searched but could not find it and ultimately went home.

Naturally, she was distressed, but she decided to go back the next day.  Now, mind you it has been pouring in Cordova and there is mud everywhere.  Also with the heavy rains there has been a lot of runoff and roads that are not on the main road are rutted and almost impassable.

Nevertheless, my friend made the decision to go look again.  She had trouble driving over the road to the place where she lost her hearing aid, but she persevered and finally got there.  Then she got down on her hands and knees and commenced to look.  She looked and looked and felt despair setting in, when lo and behold she spied her hearing aid.  “It was a miracle, a real miracle,” she exclaimed to me  Knowing the area she was searching and  having just helped someone look for a hearing aid in the house, I agreed with her.  It was a miracle and what a blessing to know she realized just how big a miracle it was for her.  (By the way, we did find the hearing aid in the house, but not until three people had looked for quite a while.)

I love it when people recognize miracles in their lives and give God the glory for them.

What a blessing that story was to me.  It really made me excited to hear it.

May God bless you will miracles when you need them most.


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