Having a church family when you live alone and have no immediate relatives around you is a wonderful blessing.

A woman came down to me during SUnday School to let me know I had a huge nail in my tire and it was audibly leaking air.  “But don’t worry.  The men are going to get it fixed,” she said.

Later another woman told me that the pastor had announced my flat tire in church during the prayer requests and asked people to help me get it fixed.

Then after church I discovered two different guys trying to help me at the same time.

At any rate, they changed the tire and plan to take the leaking on to get it fixed and then replace it on the car in the late afternoon.  This is wonderful since today it started to snow and the tire that was leaking is a studded one.  I am sure I will need all the studded tires to get up the hill.

It is a wonderful blessing to have a church family who is willing and able to help when you have problems.  This is not the first potential flat tire I have had, but it is the first in which the leaking of the air was audible.  I am so thankful that the men are willing to help me.  I do know how to change a tire and in my garage I even have a roll under tire jack, but doing it by myself would be a big chore and I am pretty sure my back would be complaining by the time I got it accomplished.  I am so thankful they did it for me.

Truly I am blessed.

I pray that you have been blessed today too.



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