I decided while I was in Virginia that I was planning to make this my year of parties.  My daughter had several parties while I was there and they were so much fun, I thought I’d like to have parties myself.  Since I am finished with my graduate courses I have a lot more time so I can bake and cook and plan and still have time for other chores I need to do around the house.  And since none of those chores are like schoolwork which is accomplished on a deadline, I feel I am all set.

I wanted to begin with a thank you party to say thanks to the many people who were especially helpful to me during the last year.  People gave me encouragement, looked over my papers, offered advice, helped with computer difficulties and just generally were a blessing to me.

I determined to write each guest a note of thanks (I got those completed today), make a gift bag for each person and then fill them up with some small type of gift.  Some of the gifts will be from the store, some will be food I make and some will be candy (mostly the kids).  I have the bags decorated, the cards written and some of the gifts bought.  A few others are ones I made that need to be completed, but I only have a few loose ends to tie up on those.

My biggest decision now is what to serve for the party.  My daughter suggested something warm which I had not even considered, but I like the idea and I am looking at recipes now.  I also want to have something for people who cannot eat gluten and also something sweet, but not a lot.  I am thinking of serving wassail.  We had that in Virginia and it was a huge hit.  I can also offer coffee or tea and maybe punch for the kids, although the kids at Nancy’s parties loved the wassail.

I feel like I am making headway and since the party is this coming Friday I need to keep track and be timely in my use of time.  I plan to post the recipes I use too.

I feel encouraged and blessed by  having this party and I am already looking forward to future parties.  I am planning at the very least to have one a month.

God bless you as you make plans for this year.


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