I started prepared for the party in earnest tonight.  I have been working on the Thank you gifts for the attendees, but tonight I started working on the food.  I worked on the church birthday cake to give me more time tomorrow and Saturday for the party food and I also started on the desserts.  I made the brownie layer of the special three layer chocolate mint bronies with chocolate ganache topping.  I have to let the brownies cool so that is all I accomplished on that front.

I planned out the rest of the cooking and settled on the recipes from the Internet so I feel I am in good hands for the coming days.

I made a new chocolate chip cookie to put in the thank you bags of the men.  I had to get a recipe that gave me more than 5 dozen cookies so I used this one from King Arthur flour.  It called for 3 cups of chocolate chips, but it turned out well I think.

I made one recipe of pumpkin bread, but it was not enough so I will make another one tomorrow.  I hope to get up early enough to get it done before I go to school.  I have made it so many times I think I could make it in my sleep.

I have a lot to accomplish tomorrow as well as go to a special presentation by an old friend at the library conference room.

I am thankful for a good day.

God bless you;.


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