I raced home from the hospital and knitting with my friend and hurried to get the church birthday cake frosted.  I had thought I would only be able to get the first frosting on it, but I was pleasantly surprised to finish the entire job which was a blessing.  I had to go to the presentation of my old friend Pam Doerr who lived here in the early nineties and then I came home and made the spritz and finished the mint layer of the brownies.  I had to put it in the refrigerator to get cold enough to put the final chocolate layer on it so I had to save it for the morning.

The presentation at the library was very interesting.  Pam has written a book about the life of Captain Jack Johnson who was born in Kodiak and had once visited Cordova.  She met him and ultimately ended up interviewing him over a period of six years finally transcribing her notes into a book that she was able to have published before Mr. Johnson died in March 2014.  He was the guy who is responsible for the birth of the nation Israel due to the landing of the ship Exodus with the refugees aboard it.  Ultimately they sent the refugees back where they originally sailed from and Capt. Johnson and a guy he called Capt. Ike ended up being reunited in 2008 after Capt. Johnson bid for a trip to Israel and won.  He thought he was going to see the graves of the Capt and his former crew mates, but discovered that Capt. Ike was alive and they ended up being reunited.  It was a very interesting story.  I have the book which she gave me and I will have to read it.

I have a big day ahead of me in the morning so I am thankful for getting so much done today.

God bless you.


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