I got up really early as I knew I had a lot to accomplish before the party started at 1:00.

I finished the brownies and put them back in the refrigerator then I tackled the pastry puff hamburgers and cheeseburgers and then the mini quiches.  I also got all the vegetables ready and got the room ready by moving the chairs out.  It is hard to know how many people will be here at one time so I wanted to be ready no matter how things unfold.  I also got the wassail ready.  I put in too much orange juice, but I was able to ladle out some of the drink, add more apple juice until it tasted right.  I was just going by what I thought I remembered from Nancy’s parties.  I could not find a recipe even close to hers and since she was gone, I had to rely on my memory.  It turned out well eventually and those who had some thought it was really good.

A lot of the guests I invited came and I was thankful for that.  Several brought me cards and gifts which was totally unexpected.  I was trying to thank them, but they thought I needed to be congratulated for finishing my certificate which I still don’t have.  I think that is because I finished in December and typically students finish in May.  I am guessing I will get it then.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and even those who did not know some of the others in the room seemed to be comfortable and did not hurry off.  They also seemed to like the food which I was glad of.

I can definitely see the value of a mini cupcake pan that holds more than a dozen.  It would have made that particular part of the food easier to accomplish.  I may invest in one for the future.  I also thought I had mini cupcake liners but I could not find any in my cupboard so I had to wash and cool the pan each time before I could cook another batch.  It was not a big problem, it would have just moved things along a little faster.

I am already thinking about the next party and I saw an idea for a chocolate tasting party that I am thinking about.  Finding out who loves chocolate will be the next hurdle for that one.

I went to a retirement party and took my first movie with my new camera.  I am hoping it turned out well.

I am thankful for a great day.

I pray you are blessed as I am.



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