Today was Super Bowl Sunday so I went prepared for lots of kids but there were only a few.  I took advantage of the time to work on sorting the toys and cleaning the counters and putting away a lot of stuff that needed to be dealt with.  I was also able to clean some of the containers too.  It is amazing how dirty they get even though they are not played with every day any more.  Crazy.

The hospital had their own Super Bowl party too which was interesting.  I got in on a part of it when I went to see my friend.  She insisted that I have some of their food.  I had stuffed mushrooms and some potato salad which was very good.  I have never had stuffed mushrooms like these before.  They had a mixture of cooked hamburger and some sort of cheese I think.  They were good.

At the party at the church there were the typical assortment of snacks as well as chili and the best ever chocolate espresso bean treats.  They came from Costco in Anchorage.

It was a good afternoon and I came home without needing to go back to church tonight as everyone who brings kids canceled out.

Now I need to get to work on helping a friend with a birthday party for her mother.

I am thankful for a good day and the blessings it held.

God bless you.


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