Birthdays 2-3-15

Birthdays.  They are such a joyful time usually.  Today was no exception.  It started out a little rocky, but ultimately came together with joy which is a blessing. I helped a friend throw a birthday party for her mother who is pretty much house bound.  I made most of the food and then she came and helped me transport it to her mother’s apartment.  She took care of inviting the guests, most of whom were family, and then we got the food arranged in the kitchen and waited for the guests to appear.

They came bearing cards and gifts, hugs and words of love and her mother seemed to have a good time.  Certainly the food seemed to help the guests linger and spend time with her which was the greatest blessing for her.  It turned out well and was a real answer to prayer.

We decided to have all finger foods and I made a few recipes I had never tried before.  The cake was easy.  I made cupcakes and a small round decorated cake for her.  Her daughter made deviled eggs and some peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches for the kids.  The pulled moose sandwiches, and mac and cheese cups rounded out the menu.  Oh, I did add some of the Chocolate Mint brownies which were left from my party on Saturday.  Once again they were a hit and people went back for more several times.

I am thankful it turned out well and that everyone seemed pleased.

I pray that your endeavors will be a blessing to others.


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