Pulled Moose Sliders

Actually, I guess they weren’t really sliders as we could not find any small buns in town.  However, they worked on biscuits and would have worked on hamburger buns cut into fourths.

Pulled Moose Sliders:  Any meat would work.

Put 1 package of Lipton Onion soup dried mix into the crock pot

Add 1 C of water.  Stir well to mix.

Add roast and turn crock pot on high.

Since the roast I used was really big and frozen solid, I started the crock pot on high at 8:00 at night.  The lid would not fit so I covered it with foil.  About two hours later it had begun to thaw enough that I was able to push the roast down further into the crock pot and the lid fit.  I left it on high all night long.  In the morning it was only about half thawed so I left it on high when I went to work.  Upon my return home at 4:00, it was completed cooked through.

At this point, remove the roast from the crock pot and place on a rimmed baking pan (mine was 15×11)

Pull roast apart with forks.  It will fall apart and even though it is very hot, it is easy to complete this step.

Spread it out on the pan.  Pour plain barbque sauce from a bottle.  I used Masterpiece original.  Mash into the meat, turning meat over and over.  Continue to add more sauce.  Taste.

Wash out crock pot, pouring out juice.  Place meat back into pot and add more sauce.  I used almost the entire bottle. How much you use depends on your taste and the size of the original roast.

Keep meat in pot on high and place on buns as needed.

It was very tasty and super easy to do.  A great party dish


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