I am always surprised when I go to the hospital to see my friend in long term care and knit at what the ladies are watching on TV.  Today they were watching a cooking program on the Food Network.  It was pretty obvious from the closeups that one of the contestants could not properly work with a fish.  She did not know how to cut the head off and basically she just was clubbing the fish, hoping to make her tools work.

I thought back to when I was a little girl of 8 and my dad taught me to clean his trout.  I have been able to clean fish from that time to this.  It has stood me in good stead in this fishing community.  I had to learn to clean a halibut, but salmon where just like trout, only bigger.  I remember one man being rather upset that people would give me uncleaned fish.  He said no man should ever do that, but I assured him that I didn’t mind cleaning fish and I did know how to do it.  He was still of the opinion that it was not proper and told me that he would never do that to a lady.

I have learned a lot of things since coming to Alaska in 1975.  I know how to cook moose, clams of all types, clean more than one type of seafood, and eat and enjoy more than one type of seafood.  When I was a little girl we only had tuna in cans and once in a long while, some fresh fish like perch.  It was definitely different than Alaska and certainly not as diverse.  I enjoy all of the bounty of the sea and it is fun learning how to prepare it as well as get it ready to be eaten.

Being a willing and patient learner has its benefits I have learned.

I am thankful for a good day and for the blessings of the Lord in my life.

God bless you.


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