The Bible talks about soft words, pleasant words, apples of gold in a setting of silver.  It admonishes us to be gracious in our talk and season our words so we know how to answer each person.

What can you do when three hot-headed people get together?  The outcome is bound to be volatile unless one person calms down and speaks softly.

Someone called me with news of their family and it is the words that are at fault here it seems to me.  Unless you can learn to speak softly, I don’t know how you can solve your problem without heartache and sorrow.

It seems to me that there is no truly easy answer here and I think it is a matter for prayer.

I will pray and I will pray that God provides the answer each of these persons needs.  The problem is too big for me to solve

I have thought about these bible verses often when my kids were growing up.  They apply to adults as well as children.  We would all do well to heed them.

God bless you as you consider the words you speak.


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