Children are so very different from one another.  Today at Good News Kids (K-2nd grades) we did crayon melting to make a hanging Valentine for the window.  The children had to grate crayons onto waxed paper and then it was folded over and ironed and then the kids cut it into a heart shape.

Some of the kids just grated a little crayon and were satisfied.  Others grated more, but wanted to push all the crayon shavings into a pile in the middle.  We tried to encourage them to let us shake the paper gently to spread it out making more of the heart shape filled.  Still others were very insistent on doing it a certain way and using many very specially picked crayon colors to grate with the cheese graters.

It was very interesting to see how each little girl (no boys came today) worked on the project and what care or lack of care they took with it.  I have made these crayon melt shapes many times before, but it has been quite a while and I think I had forgotten just how precise or imprecise the kids can be with this craft.  It makes me wonder how particular they will be as adults when they are grown.

I know it takes all kinds of people to make up our world and I also know God can use each of us for his purposes.  We just need to be open to his leading and his teachings.

I am so thankful for having that knowledge and for the lessons he points out to me daily.

I pray you are being filled with is presence daily too.

God bless you


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