Last night I made chocolate chip cookies and tonight I made Spritz cookies.  I am planning to fill my Valentine’s Day treat bags with them and some chocolates and pass them out tomorrow and Saturday.  I need to calculate how many treats I need and how much I can put in each one.  I forgot to count the spritz cookies, but I pretty sure I have a good idea.

I love to make treats, but delivering them is sometimes a problem as it takes more time than I tend to plan for.  I might get Joshua to help me again.  He was good at delivering invitations.  I am guessing he will be a great treat delivery person.

This morning in my devotion time I read a paragraph by C. S. Lewis about the different between forgiving and excusing.  I had never thought of it quite like that, but he is completely right.  It you ask for forgiveness whether it is from God or even a friend or family member, you are admitting to some wrongdoing.  If you treat it as being excused, you are not admitting to your fault in the situation and just basically saying you were not to blame.  I had never thought of it quite like that, but it makes complete sense to me.  If we can excuse away our actions, we don’t accept our part in the wrongdoing.  We don’t really need forgiveness.  But if I do admit to our wrongdoing, then we totally need forgiveness which is what God offers.  I think this is a great way to look at it and it certainly explains why so many people do not really seek forgiveness.  They do not want to accept the blame that goes along with it.

I know I stand in need of forgiveness often.  I pray that I never stoop to just excusing my actions and that I will also admit to my wrongdoing and my need of forgiveness.

God bless you as you accept and give forgiveness.


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