The funniest thing happened at the Valentine’s Dinner at the church.  I got some of the high school kids to help with the child care and others helped with serving.  There were lots of women helping too and most everyone seemed to have a good time.  All the helpers were also served the dinner that the guests ate.  When I got to the table with my plate there were the four students and one of the women already eating.  It was not long before one girl who also happens to be in my class at school said she was full.  Her friend, one of the guys who is also in that class at school and I all started to chuckle and said we couldn’t believe it.  Her friend and the guy both said to me, this is the only time you are ever going to see her full.  She is never full.  Then they proceeded to tell the woman at the table that she is always hungry.  I can attest to that too as she is always asking for food in class.

Finally she started in on her dessert and it was not long before she told us she couldn’t finish and I could have the rest.  It was a special type of creme brulee and had a thick chocolate layer on top with a big strawberry.  I had wanted one but there were none left and she said I could have a taste of hers.  Then she said I could have the rest.

She kept rubbing her tummy and telling us how full she was.  It was so funny especially since she is always telling us how hungry she is.  She is a very small girl and doesn’t seem to be overweight.

It was just comical to hear her talk about how full she was.

By the way, the creme brulee was delicious.  I want to get the recipe, but first I need to find out who made it.

God bless you.


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