Seeing is believing.  We’ve all heard this old saying.  Today it was reinforced to me many times over.

We were having Pancake Sunday to usher in the Lenten season which officially begins Wednesday.  We were making the pancakes and one woman had brought a big two quart pitcher of homemade blueberry sauce to pour over the pancakes.  It was pretty runny and there was a lid on it, but somehow one young boy managed to knock the lid askew and pour almost all of the contents on the table and the floor.  Needless to say there was a huge stain on the carpet and it was bright blue.

I could just imagine what some of the women would say when they saw it.

But another woman said she would run home and get her carpet cleaner.  I thought this might help, but I didn’t think it would get the stain out.  Well, Seeing is Believing.  After using the boiling water in her cleaner that we all know is necessary to get out blueberry stains and a little spray on cleaner, the carpet came clean.  It is no longer blue and I am not sure I would have believed it possible if I had not seen it in action.  I have had carpet cleaners in my home and none of them worked like this one did.  I am definitely sold and I would buy this brand if I need one.

Everyone who saw it was amazed.  It was miraculous.  I think we need to borrow it and try it on some old spots that we have never been able to get out.  And they aren’t even blueberry.

It definitely made my day.

I hope something special made your day too.

God bless you.


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