Today was the first day of CHS’s Homecoming and I took pictures of the seniors with their parents as they were recognized for their activities in high school.  It used to be totally sports oriented, but now recognizes all activities which is as it should be I think.  Everyone was there except for one Senior.  I was sorry she did not come, but I understood since she lives here and her parents live in Oregon.  She had been active in volleyball, but since she only played this  year I guess maybe she was embarrassed.  Who knows?  In fact, I did not see her anywhere this evening in the gym.

I think recognizing people is something we need to do more of in our society.  We are quick to recognize a really brilliant achievement or a very unstellar one, but not many of those in between.  It seems to me that all of us long for some type of recognition and what would it hurt us to offer it to those around us.

I confess that I need to be more mindful of doing just that.  A note here or there, a small gift or remembrance all of these are in order for those for whom it would mean so much.  I do think I need to consciously make more of an attempt to do this.  I do it on occasion, but the need for more is most obvious and what would it really take, just a few minutes to write the note or send or deliver a small gift.  Now I think I need to consider what gifts might be acceptable and encouraging.  I had one book I loved, but it is out of print and even second hand copies are hard to come by so I will have to begin my search now and see what I can find.

I pray you will be inspired to recognize others as well

God bless you.


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