There’s a lot to be said for the concept of self fulfilling prophecy.  I have seen it borne out in people of all ages time and time again.

Today a little boy was bemoaning the fact that he did not know the multiplication tables.  He told me he knew all but the 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s.  I attempted to show him the trick of the nines and then I tried to show him that since he knew the tables before the 6s he was well on the way to knowing the ones he did not know.  Suddenly he said he did not know the twos at all and only some of the threes.  No matter what positive outlook I tried to put forward he had something negative to say and continued to tell me he did not know his times tables.

He is truly his own worse enemy and even more so because he refuses to listen to any positive approach and   also refuses help.  I am not sure how to get someone past that kind of attitude since he is defeated before he begins.  I won’t give up and I am sure his mother who is home schooling him won’t give up either.

He also told me he  doesn’t want to do anything if he graduates from high school which I find to be very interesting in a child so young.  At this age most kids typically have some great ideas of things they are interested in.  It is really hard to understand.

I have always wondered why some kids respond like they do.  In some cases you can look at their home or other factors but in this particular case I am hard put to find an answer.

It is definitely a matter of prayer and I know his parents are concerned and praying for him.

I know God has the answer and I pray he gives us all guidance in helping this little boy as he continues to grow and find ways to solve his problems.

God bless you.


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