Birthday Parties

We are celebratng the birthday of my friend in the Long Term Care facility here in Cordova and her “granddaughter” actually the niece of her daughter today.  I got up early to write on the cake.  I made just an ordinary box cake, but I used chocolate ganache as the icing.  Wow. It is good and turned the cake into a real dream.

Bring just over 2/3 C heavy whipping cream to a boil and immediately pour over a heaping cup of chocolate chips.  Whisk until blended, then let sit for about 40 minutes or until thick enough to spread.

I put it on the first ayer and then put the next layer on top and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  Then I whisked it some more and put it on the sides and then piled the rest on top of the cake and spread it out.  I refrigerated the cake and wrote on it in the orning.

I think the reason people think cakes are so good is that I use a trick I learned more than        30 years ago from a woman in a cake store.  Before you put the batter in the pans regardless of the size, cut an old turkish towel into strips the width of the pan you are using.  Either pink or staple (my friend sewed hers together) and get it really wet.  DOn’t let it drip but almost.  Put it around the outside of the pan, turn the pan over and pour in the batter.

It really helps make the cake moist.  It is crazy, but it works.  They sell something like this in cake stores, but the woman told me to do this an dit is cheaper by far and lasts a lot longer.  WHen it gets brown and a little crispy, toss it out and start over.

Here’s to more birthday cakes.

God bless you.

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