More Birthday Parties

I am planning a birthday party for our pastor’s wife.

I think the hardest thing is the menu.  In this case I have to avoid sugar.  I had to avoid gluten as well, but I discovered I don’t.  I am thinking about one or more salads, some veggies and maybe some sandwiches, like smoked salmon and egg salad on angel biscuits.  I still haven’t decided on a dessert and I am trying to come up with one that doesn’t have much sugar and then I can use a substitute.  I learned long ago that using a huge amount of substitute is not very tasty.

Then there is the issue of time.  I want to give this party in the afternoon and I can take off from work, but the high school class I teach starts at 2:50 and goes until  3:40 so it is right in the middle of the afternoon and they are starting a new lesson in Photoshop so I need to be there.  It is a real dilemma.  I am sure I will eventually figure it out.

But even with all the problems I am excited to give a party.  It is a lot of fun and having the ladies of the church and her quilter friends will be fun for her I think.

More later,

God bless you.


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