I wanted to find a sugarfree cake recipe to make for the party since the guest of honor does not use sugar.  Did I ever get a surprise?  I found one especially for diabetics with sweetened condensed milk as a main ingredient.  Sure, it did not have  granulated sugar, but that milk is very sweet.  Then I found all sorts of recipes with other sweetened ingredients but no granulated sugar and some with small amounts of sugar which the recipe said was truly sugar free.  I guess I do not define sugar free the same way other people do.  I thought it meant no sugar period.

I also looked at some of the ingredients in the soup I am making and found no sugar, but high amounts of fructose.  This was very eye opening.  It is not that I have never looked at the list of ingredients on a can or bottle before, but I just did not know that some people define no sugar differently than I do.

I finally settled on a recipe with sugar, but I used her substitute which is called Swerve.  It will be interesting to me to see how it tastes and if there is a big difference.  I did find references to Splenda saying it was terrible in taste, but you could use it insmall amounts and maybe not mind it too much.  That was interesting too.

Well see how the guests and the birthday woman greet the cake.

God Bless You.



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