Party Day

I woke up early and after my Bible reading and devotions, I got to work on my final chores.  My angel biscuit dough was too stiff from being in the refrigerator to roll out so I left it on the counter and got to work on the table and cleaning.

I was moving right along.  I even finished my gift and then to my dismay I looked out and it was snowing and not just snow coming down, but winds to boot.  It is definitely sticking and the trees are almost flocked and the deck is white.  This means that my guests may have a hard time getting up my hill to my house and maybe an even trickier time going down.  It means that some people will probably choose not to come as driving in this is not fun.  I know from experience.

I realized of course that it is out of my hands and I need to trust God for whatever the outcome is.  Even if no one braves the hill, I got a lot of chores done that I have been wanting to accomplish.  The food will be good to give away and all is well.  I know I was starting to stress as I had heartburn, a sure sign to me that it was stress, but I stopped and prayed and then my cell phone dinged with the reminder to Trust Me written across the screen.,  I have all sorts of verses which pop during the day to remind me to slow down and rely on Jesus.

Whatever happens, it will be good.  I know that.

Today is a day of patience and trust.

I will give you the outcome later in the day.

God bless you.


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