When I went down the hills to church on Sunday, I crept down.  The speedometer didn’t even register but the car was moving ever so slowly.  When I got there, I felt like I was shaking all over.

THis morning I woke up to snow, but not much on the ground.  It took awhile before I heard the plow and when I started down the road, it did not seem that the plow had done a very good job.  Once I made it down the first hill to the cross street I could see that the cross street had been plowed very well.  I only had one more hill to traverse and it is the worst one.  I continued on, registering no mph and finally made it to the bottom and eventually to the school.

In spite of the time it took to go a short distance when I got there, I did not feel nearly as shaky as I had on Sunday.  I was thankful for that.

The current weather report does not saw any more snow in the next few days and in fact it says sun for tomorrow.  There was some sun today which was very nice.  It is defintely cold.  The bank clock said 22 this morning and the school signboard clock said 32.  I am guessing the school was wrong.  Typically they are either the same or only noe or two degrees different.  Ten seems off to me.

It is cold outside.  Everyone who came to pick up kids at the church seemed to think it was cold.  I agree.

I am exceedingly thankful for God’s guidance and watchcare over me today and yesterday as well.  I really needed it as I do every day.

God bless you as you rely on God and his watchcare too.


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