It is interesting how much some prices have come down while others have really gone up.  I had to invest in a new hard drive today and I got one locally for only $109 and it was a full terabyte, plus it is pretty small.  I have some hard drives at my house that are huge in comparison and hold far less.  They are not even in gigabytes let alone terabytes.  It just shows how much technology has and is changing.

But if you look at cars, the opposite is true.  Long ago we purchased cars for under $5000 and today they are significantly higher.

I know there are explanations for all of this, but all things aside it seems like a very interesting situation to consider.

Today was another day of sun, but the temperatures are pretty cold.  It seems as though the sun fools you into thinking it is warmer than it really is.  The thermometer on my porch said 10 this morning.  More snow is predicted for Friday and Sunday, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and Thursday and Saturday are supposed to be cloudy, but not rainy.  I don’t think I would like to be a meteorologist.  You have to predict the weather based on the weather patterns you see, but they change so quickly at times there is no way you can keep up and be really accurate.

I do like to look at the weather predictions, but since I have two places I look and they are usually different it helps me not to think they will be particularly accurate.  It also helps me not to count on the weather on any particular day and therefore I am rarely disappointed.

I hope you have had a great day.

God bless you.


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