My sister in law had knee replacement surgery today.  When my nephew called with an update, he told me she was out of  surgery and had been released to a room, but there were no rooms so no one knew when she might be going to a room.

I remember having my son John many, many years ago and spending the first hours after his birth in the hall due to no rooms being available.  I hadn’t thought of that in a long, long time.

I also remember one time that Richard was in the ER for longer than necessary because there were not rooms available.  I wonder how often this occurs.  I am guessing it might be more often that we realize.

I have heard of prisons being overcrowded and in the olden days school rooms were overcrowded.  Here at CHS we have rooms that are empty because of the dwindling number of students.

All of this is an interesting commentary on our world, it seems to me.  It is rather curious.  We build these institutions to take care of problems and then we have so many people demonstrating the problem that we are overcrowded.  It is certainly an interesting turn of events.

I will hope and pray she gets a room soon and one with a big window too.

God bless you.


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