Whoopee!  My drawers are done.  Now, granted one of my final drawers had a bunch of stuff Richard filed in file folders but they are all labeled Reference 45, 46, 47, etc.  I either have to make names for the folders or make a list of what the numbers refer to, but at least I went through them and threw a lot of junk and old stuff out.

It feels so good to have this done.  I have some filing stuff in my downstairs hall that I need to look through, but I seem to remember going through them a few years ago.  I hope I am not remembering this incorrectly, but if I am, I will get them accomplished soon.

Today I realized my next move should be to the shelves in the garage where there are a lot of things to go through. John reminded me of this last summer when he was here.

It seems like there is always something to go through and clear out.  I still have things upstairs that need to be consolidated and organized, but at least I know what is in all the drawers and none of them is cluttered to the point of not opening or having unsorted stuff in them.

It is hard to admit and also to believe that I let them get so messy, cluttered and junky.  I am definitely not the neatest person.

I am glad I got the major portion of this sorted out as I need to start making sugar cookies for the Lenten Fair tomorrow night.  My goal was to get the drawers cleaned this week and I am thankful to have tomorrow for the baking I need to do.

I know that for me the key is making a list, keeping it where I can see it daily and then forcing myself to do the work and checking it off.  That is a big motivation for me.  It sounds silly I know, but for me it works and that is what we all need, something that works.

I hope you can find what works for you in your projects.

God bless you.


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