Yes, I did get back from Brazil earlier in the week, but I caught some dreaded germ on the plane and by the time I got to Cordova I was really sick and all in.

Today I am starting to really feel better, although my cough and runny nose are still troubling me.

At any rate, I am going to try to go back and capture some of the key events in my trip and share with you.

It truly was an amazing adventure and I was so blessed to be able to share in this special time in the life of my Compassion student’s life.  Having my granddaughter accompany me really added to the trip and I was very thankful for her too.

Although I needed to make the church birthday cake and get the roll dough ready for tomorrow today, it was a much less intense day.  Yesterday we had our Walk with Jesus event at the church and in spite of not being at my best Thursday and Friday I had so much to do to make sure it would all come off as planned.

I am so very thankful that did turn out well.  I really wanted to do something special for Easter.  It seems like we do all these things at Christmas, but Easter is the really big day in our life as Christians and I so wanted to celebrate in a special way.

I found this program on Group’s website and I adapted it to fit our church and community.  The suggested time was for 3 hours and in small groups, but I thought that was just too long so we shortened it. The program went well.  We met at 5:00, ate pizza, discussed what was going to happen.  Rehearsed, got dressed in our costumes and then went through a few key scenes again.  Soon the guests arrived and we put on the program for them.

It was not a large group, but everyone who was there commented on the meaningfulness of the program and I was very thankful.  After I   got the dishes done and cleaned up some, I came home and went to bed, tired, but satisfied.

I am thankful for the way in which God encourages me each and every day.  I hope my Brazilian experiences will be an encouragement to you too as I begin to share them with you.

God bless you and have a wonderful Easter.


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