Brazil Trip Day 3 continued

Once we were at the hotel we were in for more surprises.  The people at the desk took a long time in checking us in and conferred back and forth in rapid Portuguese.  Finally the young woman took us to a ground floor room and opened the door.  We were a big surprised to see a very small, low bed in a very small room and nothing else.  She asked if it was OK and I said we had  paid for two beds.  Then she told us through a woman who spoke some English that they could bring in a roll away bed.  Where they were going to put it I honestly had no idea.

Then she asked if we would be OK on the third floor and we said yes.  A guy carried our bags which was a blessing and we climbed and climbed stairs, more than three floors Anna thought.  When we arrived outside the door of the room no one had a key, so one of the clerks went downstairs.  They soon returned and asked if we could have a room on the first floor.  This is not the ground floor.  We said yes and trooped back down the stairs.  When we got to this door, they opened it up and the room was much larger, but there was only one bed.  They told us we needed an extra sheet and they would turn it into two beds.  We could see that this was possible, so we said this was OK.  They called each of these units an apartment and I think this is because there was a microwave in the closet and a small under the counter refrigerator.  There was also a very small balcony with two chairs.

We were hungry so we went downstairs to the “Coffee Shop” (their term) and ordered a Brazilian type hamburger.  We had asked for a sheet at the desk and they told us to ask at the Coffee Shop.  This was a counter where you ordered.  We were given a sheet and soon our dinner arrived.  We ate at the tables around the pool.  All the meals were served here which was nice as there was a slight breeze and the air temperature was warm.

When we went back to our room, there was no need for the sheet as the beds had been separated and each had a sheet and the coverlet on them.  It was pretty warm so we started the air conditioner and after showers we went to bed.

We agreed to get up by 8:00 in the morning as we were going to meet Jamille and our translator.

It was a restful night.

I was thankful for God’s guidance over our journey and our accommodations.


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