April 9, 2015

Just think.  Today would have been my Mother’s 100th birthday if she were alive.  She died 40 years ago in February.

I thought of that when I went to the hospital to knit with my friend. They were celebrating the 91st birthday of one of the long term care residents.  Apparently he had been waiting for his party all day, but when he arrived he refused to leave his room and would not open his eyes.  But the pizza, salad, fruit and cake and ice cream were ready so everyone celebrated without him.  They encouraged me to stay since there was so much.  I have been invited to eat with them on other occasions, but usually decline but since they had a lot, I stayed and tried to be helpful.  I was able to get one of the women to eat most of her pizza and helped several others.

One woman who has Alzheimer’s is pretty combative and she was in rare form today.  Apparently she had had a terrible day all around and got many of the other residents upset.  I tried to keep the peace but she was not  very happy with any of us.  It is hard for some of the others to ignore her when she starts to grab their food and tableware and it was hard to keep her from taking it.

They have so many new residents and there is so much crowding it is challenging to the CNAs and the residents and there is a struggle to keep the peace.  They definitely have their jobs cut out for them and they need prayers. I am sure people in nursing homes across America need prayers, both the residents and their caregivers.  It is definitely a challenging situation.

I am thankful for a good day.  It snowed off and on, but none of it stuck which made driving not a problem.  I was thankful for that.  The kids were lamenting going to the prom Saturday in the snow, but maybe it will hold off or not be heavy.

I pray you had a blessed day as well.


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