Brazil Trip Day 6

I had hoped to go to church where Jamille worshipped but apparently it was a long way off and Marina said we could not go.  She wanted to take us to the Mall where we could look for a birthday gift for Rachel, Anna’s sister.  We planned to meet Jamille there.

After breakfast and getting ready Marina picked us up and we went by taxi to the Mall.  It was very similar to our malls in America.  It had a whole floor for the movie theaters and another floor for the food court.  Then the other floors (three) were dedicated to stores.  In this sense it wa like an American mall.  There were individualized stores for perfume, candy, clothes, shoes, etc.

It was past lunchtime and Marina wanted us to try their ice cream which turned out to be gelato.  We tried several taste flavors before making our decision and then we all ate the “ice cream” and waited for the stores to open at 2:00.  Soon Marina got a text that Jamille was coming and we went down a floor to meet her with John.  He left us together with a promise to pick her up later.

We went to a store that reminded me of Target and found some Easter candy for Anna’s siblings and my grandchildren in Kansas.  Anna bought some candy for some of her friends at college.  We also went to several jewelry stores where Anna shopped for her friends.  We had to translate the Brazilian Real into US money and keep reminding ourselves that it was cheaper then we thought when we saw the price.

Then we went to a book store where we bought a Brazilian music DVD and a music video for Rachel.

After this we went to a clothing store where Anna tried on several dresses.  The salesladies were very good and knew how to dress up the dress and make it really look nice.  Anna got two dresses here.

They were giving flu shot to kids and adults in two different locatins and little kids were all crying.  It did take us a few minutes to figure this out, but we were able to understand what was going on.

When it was finally time to leave we went by taxi back to the hotel.  We spent a little time together talking in the lobby and taking more pictures and then John came on his motorcycle to pick Jamille up.  He gave her her helmet and in a few minutes they were off.  It was really sad to see them go and we had all exchanged many hugs and blessings in the lobby before he got there and then again when he came in.  It was hard to believe we might not see each other again.  We exchanged addresses, emails and Anna and the girls exchanged Facebook addresses.  I was so thankful I was able to make this trip and I was really happy that Jamille wanted to keep in touch.

Anna and I eventually decided to return to the restaurant down the street and we determined we would have dessert.  We decided to eat outdoors and once they gave us the menu in English we made our choices.  In a few minutes the waiter (not the English speaking one) came and pointed at flaming pineapple and told us to have that with ice cream.  We thought it was kind of funny but we agreed.  Soon he came out with a single dish of dessert and a small plate for each of us.  It was pretty funny.  We waited a while and then they offered us something to drink.  We took water, but this time they brought glasses with ice and poured the water into them.  We drank it down quickly before the ide could melt.

Eventually we got the check and paid and walked back to the hotel.  We decided to try the coffee shop again as we weren’t really full.  We had a beef dish that was pretty good.

I forgot to mention that the day before at lunch we had a strange chicken dish that we both decided not to try again  They just chop the chicken up into bite size pieces bones and all.  It was fairly good, but whatever they cook it in was not as appetizing.  Today’s meal was definitely better and we agreed that beef trumped chicken in our minds.

It was a bittersweet day.  We had a wonderful time together, but it was sad to realize that our trip was drawing to a close and that we would not see Jamille again.

I am so thankful for this trip and for the blessings of the Lord each and every minute, each and every day.




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