Brazil Day 9

I got up early to catch the plane and unfortunately I was still coughing and blowing my nose a lot.

The plane to Cordova was a 15 seater and the trip went smoothly.  I came home and cleaned up a bit and then went to the college.  I stayed long enough to teach my class, but since it was parent conference schedule I was able to leave and come home earlier in the afternoon.

I went straight to bed and slept for 17 hours.  I am not sure I ever slept that long in my life, but when I finally got up the next morning I was starting to feel better.  It took several days before I began to really feel like myself, but each day I tried to get more rest and not launch into any big work or cooking when I got home.

Thinking about the trip I was so thankful for this wonderful opportunity and the blessing it was.  I felt it was a blessing to Jamille and her family too and that added to my blessing and thankfulness.

I got a phone call and an email about the new Leadership Development student I started to sponsor in February when I was no longer sponsoring Jamille.

Compassion told me how she was having trouble in school and not doing her work.  She is not responding to her mentor and it was such a contrast to Jamille.  I asked if I could say something to Patricia in my letters and they told me that was why they were telling me.  They encouraged me to speak directly to her in the letter and to encourage her to improve and change her behavior.  It was such a contrast to Jamille and I was quite surprised when I heard from Compassion.  I am hoping and praying that she will begin to respond.  They are changing her mentor and they hope that will bring improvement.  I am sure I need to write her more often rather than waiting for a response from her.

This has been a real learning experience and I am excited to share my photos on Compassion Sunday later this month.

I also made and ordered a photo album for Jamille and another one for Anna and myself.  I did not put Brazilian photos in Jamille’s but centered it on the actual graduation.  They have not arrived yet, but once they do I will send them off to Jamille and to Anna.

I can’t describe how wonderful the trip was and how blessed I am for the experience.  It was a once in a lifetime journey and the memories will last forever.


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