April 15, 2015

Tax Day.  I haven’t heard much about taxes like I used to in the “olden” days.  I guess there is no big stress these days.

It has been windy and rainy today, but that is not a  big surprise.

I got some of the photos I ordered for Jamille  and all of the stuff we need for Compassion Sunday which is nice and give me plenty of time to prepare and be ready.

I can’t decide if it is because it won’t be long until school is out, the weather is so changeable or if something is in the air, but the kids are so loud and energetic and antsy.  Something is up for sure.  If it were just the Seniors I would guess it is because graduation is not very far off, but since it seems to all classes, I am not sure what is going on.  Keeping them motivated and working is definitely a chore these days.

But no matter what I am thankful for the strength to carry on and for the way in which our Lord directs and helps us.

I pray your days are less hectic.  God bless you.




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