April 16, 2015

Today was a rather uneventful day.  It did rain a lot and tonight it has hailed quite a bit, but at present the rain and the hail have stopped.  Snow is predicted for tomorrow, but it is hard to know if it will snow or not.  The temperatures are predicted to be between 32 and 43 so I guess it depends on how long it is 32.

I have been busy baking since I got home.  I made a chocolate banana cake from an old recipe John wrote down for me.  It is really good at least everyone I have delivered it to says so.  I also made French Apple Cake.  These are for the desserts for Guess who’s coming to dinner tomorrow night.  We are having different hosts, but then everyone is going to the church for dessert and a movie.  The kids will watch their own movie upstairs and the adults will watch one downstairs.

I hope it turns out well.  I just got a call revising my guest list, but the only thing that changes for me is the setting of the table.  I am still going to fix the same meal and I will make sure to do a few extra potatoes.  I ran into someone from church who hasn’t been there in a while and I tried to talk him into coming since his wife is in Anchorage.  I just called and told him my adults have been decreased and he sounded like h e might come.  I hope so.  I need to start going over the attendance list and see who is missing and try having them over for dinner every few weeks.  It is so easy for people to get their feelings hurt or to feel left out.  It would be easy for me to invite them to dinner so I need to be intentional about it.

I am thankful for the Lord’s guidance and for His ideas.  Now I need to prod myself to carry them out.

God bless you.


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