April 17, 2015

Well, the snow did arrive but it was very slushy.  At one point in the afternoon there was even a little sun, but it was shortlived.  The snow/slush/rain has continued off and on all day long.  One of the students said it is just the precursor to a big storm which is coming.  Once again we’ll have to wait and see although the weather forecast does not show this big storm.  It shows sun for four days next week.

Tonight is the big “Guess who’s coming to dinner” so I went home early to be sure I was ready for my guests.  It will be interesting to see how everyone gets along and enjoys it. I am especially curious about the kids.

I ended up with three adults (male) and two little boys.  With the exception of one boy, everyone seemed to enjoy meatloaf and baked potatoes and rolls.  The salad was Ok, but he green beans were not very good and I certainly won’t buy them again.  They were fresh but in the package they did not appear to fit the billing.

It wasn’t a problem as the meatloaf and potatoes were the big hit.  The guys all had several helpings.

We went to the church to join the other participants for dessert.  I made a chocolate banana cake and a French Apple Cake and they went over well.  There was also the choice of ice cream sundaes so that ws a hit too.

From the conversation everyone appeared to have a good time and enjoyed themselves.  I would say the evening was a hit.  It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that I should be having single people over for dinner and I plan to do that starting this week.

I am thankful for the ways in which the Lord leads and guides me and for his help.

I pray you are experiencing God’s blessings.

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