April 20, 2015

I am so thankful for friends who are willing to help me.  Today was Good News Kids and my friend who regularly helps me is out of town visiting her mom in Washington.  She enlisted another of our mutual good friends and I am so thankful she was there to help. Two of the little kids who are living in foster care really got into it and had major meltdowns and it would have been difficult to handle without help.  These two children are so needy and they really need our prayers.  There are not enough foster parents to help put them in different homes which is part of the problem.

It seemed like a very cold day today, maybe because of all of the rain.  I went home and actually put on my bathrobe and climbed into bed to get warm.  I guess I was more tired than I thought because I soon was asleep and got in many hours before I woke to get up in the morning.

God is always taking care of us even when we don’t realize we need extra care.  That’s pretty special when you think about it.

God bless you.


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