April 21, 2015

The sun popped out this morning which was a surprise.  According to the forecast there will be more sun this week.  However, the snow started around noon.  Mostly it just comes down and then hits the ground and melts.  There is no doubt that most people are ready for it to be done, but it is predicted for many days this week and next.

One of the secretaries brought the best cookie to school today and I got the recipe.  I want to see if I can make it smaller in size.  It think it would be a great treat for the baby shower this week.  They are like sandwich cookies and most people think the filling is caramel, but it is not.  They are called Peruvian Sandwich Cookies.  I’ll see how successful I am in making them.

My Admin made a cake called chocolate wasted cake for hr daughter’s birthday.  It is very tasty, but the frosting was almost too sweet for my liking.  Not only was it chocolate, but there were layers of chocolate chips and candy on the top which seems a bit overkill to me.

The day ended with a lot of snow and huge flakes.  I hurried home after my visit to the hospital and to the shut in friend.  I did not need to worry as I made it up the hill just fine, but the amount of snow coming down had made me a little doubtful.  I need to be more trusting that is for certain.

I am hoping you had a blessed day.




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