May 3, 2015

Have you ever wondered why some food that is really spicy is just right for some people and scorching how for others?  Not for the first time I have wondered about this.  I went to a fundraiser dinner for Nepal tonight and the chicken dish was really hot to my notion.  The guy and girl across from me thought it was just right and even their five year old was able to eat it.  He said it was a little spicy.  The cooks told me I was supposed to eat the cucumber in yogurt and that would have helped.  I assured them that I had eaten the cucumber and had also had several glasses of cold water.  It was just plain hot to my mouth.

I have never understood why some of us can eat certain spicy dishes and others simply find the food too hot for their tastes.  I think we are all just born with different taste buds.  Maybe this accounts for flavors we like and don’t like even when there is no issue of heat in the food.  I have heard people say it is the feel of a certain food in the mouth that is off putting to them and I have had others tell me that certain textures are disagreeable to them.

I honestly do not understand what makes some of us like certain foods when others do not and why certain textures are disagreeable for some of us and not for others.  I guess all of these issues are a matter of personal preference and that seems to be the best answer I can find.  It is definitely curious.

I am hopeful you had a good day and food that was agreeable to you.

God bless you.


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