May 5, 2015

Tomorrow is the dreaded English AP test.  The students do not feel adequately prepared and I have been trying to convince them they can be successful on this test.  It takes focus, critical thinking and a good application of what you have read.

I know research supports making sure students have an adequate breakfast before a test for good results so I decided to make cinnamon rolls and take them to the school.  I had to make the dough tonight and I will have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get them rolled out and cooked and iced and delivered.

I am hopeful it will be an encouragement to them as they as a whole group are pretty worried about the outcome.  Some of them have  lot of experience in an activity called Future Problem Solving which takes a lot of critical thinking and others are really good students and all of them have been in the class for a whole year so they should be at least a little prepared for the test.

I also trust that they will do well and will be encouraged by those who are praying for them and by the food.  It take a long time to get the results.  They can look online in June, but the school will not know until July.  It is a long time to wait, but hopefully,  they will do well.

God bless you.


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