May 7, 2015

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  I have been thinking about past celebrations in Cordova and about my mother in law who got the first celebrations going.  She was adamant that we needed to do something so Richard, her son, put her in charge.  She planned a program and a big breakfast and had a great turnout every year.

Once she knew her health was failing she commissioned one of the ladies in her bible study to carry on the tradition and she did faithfully for many years.  Then I tried to carry on, but I changed it a little and then no one did it for awhile.

I got an email telling me that the pastors have decided to carry on this tradition and they had it at the Fisherman’s memorial today.  I was not free at lunch to go, but I am hopeful that they had a great turnout and that it was meaningful to those who attended.

I think any public display of prayer that we can support is a good thing.  People need to see us praying and know that we take prayer seriously.

I hope you were able to note the National Day of Prayer in some way today and to know that God is always listening and that he always answers even if it takes longer than we want and even if his answer is not what we want.

God bless you.


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