May 9, 2015

It was so nice today not to have anything I absolutely had to do.  I had some things I wanted to do, but I did not actually have to do them.  What a great feeling.

One of the chores I have been wanting to get accomplished was mailing things at the Post Office.  You may think, Why doesn’t she just go to the PO and do it?  Well, it’s a little easier said than done.  First I had to get them assembled.  Actually I had that step already done.  THen I went to the PO to find out what the cheapest way to send them was.  It takes time to do that and no one was in line when I got there bright an early, but once I got the answers I had to get out of line.  By that time there was a line forming.  I had to find the proper envelopes and put the things in and then seal them.  I brought pre addressed labels and tape with me so I could accomplish this.

I got back in line and was making progress when another line formed.  Since one of the packages was going to Brazil, it was taking a lot of time to accomplish.  I got out of line again, worked on my customs form and then got back to the window.  This time I stayed in line since the clerk could not stop my transaction in the middle.  Another line formed, but there wasn’t much I could do.

Eventually all of my packages were mailed and I left

After I did a few errands I went home and got busy on the next task I really wanted to do–baking.  I wanted to bake for several people and started out with a rather sophisticated and complicated list but eventually pared it down to two items, cookies and French Apple cake.  I got it done and then went to deliver the treats.

I knew the PO ladies were going to be there until 5:30 so I rang the express window bell to give them their treat.  Imagine my surprise when they gave me a box from Nancy.  I protested, but they told me it was saving them from making a slip so I took it.

Once I got home I called Nancy to let her know her box had arrived before Mother’s Day.  It was two trays.  One was unwrapped and one was wrapped.  I did not open it but I could tell from the weight and the feel.

I had a great day and I was glad I had accomplished so much.

God bless you and your day too.


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