May 15, 2015

I have spent a large portion of today trying to help a student at John’s school who needs to pass math to graduate and get the job he has been offered.  I have done this many times in the past for other students and I am always amazed at students who leave their worst course for last and then run into trouble and have to try to find some way to solve their problems.  Of course it always comes down to taking a class and trying to hurry, but I can never understand why they don’t just go for the worse classes first to give themselves a lot of time to solve any problems that arise.

I have seen this in high school students too.  I used to teach in the credit recovery program and everyone wanted to save the worst for last.  I could never convince them to try it at the beginning.  Some way we always managead to muddle through and I am sure it was by the grace of God, but it still surprises me that people wait so long to do the most horrible classes until the end and right at the deadline.

I guess we are all different and no one wants to admit defeat, but I am really undeterred from the first is best position on this subject.

I wonder what others think of this attitude.

Have a great day.  God bless you.


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