May 22, 2015

This has been party week.  I have hosted two parties and attended two parties.  It’s been crazy busy.

Tonight’s big dessert reception went really well.  We had enough food for the crowd that attended and we gave them plates to take some home which really pleased the guests.

Our menu consisted of a white sheet cake, bitesized cheesecakes, homemade, Monster cookies, spritz cookies, a key lime pie, some cream puffs and eclairs from the store, a decadent chocolate cake and a strawberry type bar.  My assistant at the college made the strawberry and chocolate offerings and bought the key lime pie from the store.  I made the sheetcake, cookies and cheesecake bites and we also had two types of candy.

The guests really seemed to enjoy our desserts and the whole evening went really well.  I took a lot of pictures which I am going to use to make a small gift book for our honoree.

The HomePort set up was very nice.  We put the screens in the back to cover the rolls of carpet waiting installation and we set up some tables and chairs with other chairs along the walls.  I got flowers from the oriental store and made a bud vase for each table and then used the rest in a bigger bouquet for the food table.

A friend brought me a huge bouquet of lupine which I used on the table at the entrance to the room which held the guestbook and a basket for cards.  A few guests brought gifts and put them on this table as well.  We used all the tablecloths from the church for the tables and I brought tablecloths from home for the guest table and the food table.  We also had a punch table.

It really was a nice party and many people commented on it and the room and how it was lit and how it looked.  I came home tired but thankful that it went so well.

I am truly blessed.

May God bless you.


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