May 28, 2015

The highlight of my day was buying lots of pansies this morning and then planting them when I got home.  Pansies are pretty hardy and I think they can survive without a lot of tender loving care.  I won’t be here to give it to them so I am hopeful the sun and the rain will do the job and they will flourish.

My dear friend is planting two hanging baskets for me and she will keep them at her house until I return to Cordova and then I can put them outside my door on the second floor where there are already hooks to hang them from.  She made them for me last year, but I was here so I could water them and keep them going.

I am definitely not the best plant and flower person in the world in spite of the fact that I love them.  WHen we went to the place where they sell flowers, plants and baskets, I could have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  There were so many beautiful baskets and flowers and plants.  It was truly amazing.

God has definitely given us a wonderful creation to enjoy and the majesty of it and the variety is just so awesome.  I am so thankful.

God bless you as you enjoy his creation too.


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