May 31, 2015

When I got up this morning to make the weekly cinnamon rolls, I spied two eggs sitting out by the mixer.  I knew immediately that I had forgotten to put them in the dough.  I took out the bowl and realized that it had indeed risen because I had not forgotten the yeast, but it was really stiff.  I debated a few minutes and finally decided to try an experiment.  I put the dough hook in the mixer and add the eggs one by one, but they just did not want to beat in very well so I added a little flour and eventually I was able to get a nice dough.  I wondered how it would bake and how it would taste, but I was not disappointed.  They rolled out easily and were good.  I had a few friends at church try one before I decided to leave them for everyone to eat, but they assured me that the rolls were just like normal.  While I don’t recommend making errors like that, I am glad they turned out OK.

My pansies are doing well, but they take a lot of watering because the temperatures have been in the sixties and seventies which is really warm for us.  Rain is on the way tomorrow if the forecast is right.  We’ll see.

I made a chocolate zucchini cake and it was really delicious.  Everyone at church enjoyed it.

It has been a good day and I am so thankful

God bless you.



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