June 2, 2015

Today I learned a lot about sending money to a foreign country.  I wanted to send Jamille some money for her birthday and her anniversary.  I found out that you have to have cash to do it and where you accomplish your goal determines how much you will pay for this privilege and how easy it is.

My bank charges $65 and the teller told me to go to the other bank Wells Fargo.  They could not do it because I did not know the routing number of her bank and they do not have an express service to Brazil.  It costs $35 if you send it in the currency of the country and $45 if you send it in our currency.

Then I went to the Liquor Store where I had been advised to go by another person and there it was easy and quick and cost $14.  I got a code to email to Jamille and I hope she will send me an email when she is able to pick it up.  Furthermore, it will go to every place in her state where there is a MoneyGram location.  All she needs is the number.

This was a very interesting experience.  The one question they asked was whether or not I knew Jamille.  I assured them that not only did I know her but I had met her face to face.

This is the last post I will be able to send until next week.  I am leaving tomorrow to go to Idaho to speak to a group of American Baptist Women from across the state at Cathedral Pines.  I have been there several times in the past and it will be fun to greet old friends and make new ones.  I am leaving Idaho Sunday night and will arrive in DC Monday morning where I will go to be at Nancy’s for David’s graduation in two weeks.  It should be a fun time too.

I will catch up with you then.

God bless you all.


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