June 3-7, 2015

My trip to the ABW Conference for Idaho women was a huge blessing to me.

I was scheduled to speak four times for an hour each time.  The last time I had been to this Conference (this was my fourth) there were a large number of women in attendance.  This year the number was quite small and was a big concern to the members of the board who met together before the conference began.  In fact, these women made up the large majority of those at the Conference.

The theme was Once upon an apron and I brought a lot of aprons to wear and illustrate my talks, but each time I got up to speak I was moved by the Holy Spirit to say something completely different from what I had planned.  The ideas just came to me as I spoke and were a direct answer to some of the questions the women had been wrestling with.  I felt affirmed in this by the comments the women made to me after each talk.  In a way I spoke to myself as well and thought of many ways I could reach out to young women at home in Cordova.  I plan to do that when I return in July.

The Conference setting is very majestic and speaks of God’s creation in a mighty way.  I loved sitting outside and looking up to the mountains beyond the campsite.  It was very inspiring.

My roommate was a young woman from Camaroon who is studying at Bailer Seminary in Waco, Texas and was doing an internship at a church in Idaho.  It was very interesting getting to know her.

My host for the weekend took the two of us to the Conference and then back to Boise when it ended.  The trip back was almost five hours as she took the scenic route and we stopped many times along the way.  I had never seen this part of Idaho before so it was quite interesting.

I traveled from Boise to Washington DC Sunday night by way of Phoenix and Chicago.  I got some sleep, but not a full night’s worth.

I am very thankful for the time I was able to spend in Idaho and for the blessings that God poured out on me while I was there.  I am hopeful that I can be an encouragement to women in Cordova when I get home.

I pray that you are being blessed this summer.


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