VBS Recap


It is definitely hot in Kansas although today there is a breeze which is very nice.

Bible School was a huge success and all of the kids showed up last Sunday and participate in the service with their songs.  I think the church was surprised.  We all went downstairs for Sunday School which I had anticipated and we also had some great helpers which was a huge help.  John has been trying to encourage his church members to have Sunday School and to be prepared as several families have come over time and not returned because the church was not prepared for their kids.  It is difficult especially when the numbers of kids and ages vary so much, but I think he is right that you have to be prepared regardless of who comes.  I am trying to help the possible leaders prepare for this.

It was a huge blessing for me to see all of the kids there and to see them with such big smiles on their faces. My grandson put a slide show together which we showed during the offering and people really responded to it in a positive way.

We had a fellowship time after the service.  We brought cinnamon rolls, muffins and Swedish tea ring.  A few other women brought a few treats and people seemed to enjoy standing around talking to each other.

It was a great week overall and I am so thankful for the Lord’s blessing.

I pray you are being blessed this summer too.


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